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The one and only Live Chat designed especially for eCommerce & Online Stores. Do not just talk but start actually selling via Live Chat.
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SALESmanago #1 in Marketing Automation. 10 000 customers worldwide.

Our Live Chat makes a real difference

Create your email templates like a Pro

Get to know everything about the customer behavioral and transactional profile

Imagine how much it can add to a valuable conversation with the customer if the consultant can see not just the customer contact data but additionally the information about the history of the customer purchases, visited websites, scoring and segmentation. This 360 Customer View is displayed in real-time during the chat.

Send product recommendations

Send AI & Machine Learning product recommendations during the conversation

Now you may not just talk but actually sell the products during the conversation thanks to a variety of possible product recommendations. The recommendations are based on our AI & Machine Learning Algorithms. Moreover you can easily search for products the customer is asking for and deliver them in real time during the conversation.

Send product recommendations

Use progressive profiling in Live Chat to obtain additional information about customer

If your customer already left e-mail address or phone number and you have it in your database, next time you start conversation the chat may automatically ask about other details like age or other demographical data.

Have you heard of the Three Blind Mice

Make Live Chat a new key player of your Multichannel Marketing Automation strategy

Thanks to deep integration of our Live Chat with the whole platform, if you are ready, you can use Live Chat to enrich your communications strategy in other channels (email, website marketing, mobile, ad networks) thanks to the possibility of using the information gathered during the chat.

That’s not all!

Fast and easy setup

Fast and easy setup.

With Live Chat wizard it takes a couple of minutes.



Talk to as many customers as you wish. Add consultants without any additional cost.

Stay in touch

Stay in touch.

If your consultants are not available, the contact can leave messages or it may use our Sales Bot.

Reply faster

Analyze ROI.

Get to know how much you are actually selling thanks to the tool.

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Start with one simple marketing tool

You do not need to start with all features of marketing automation platform. Choose a single solution and personalize your set of tools. CRM and Customer Intelligence included free of charge in all applications.