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Web Push Notifications

Complete your omnichannel marketing strategy with a brand new medium. Use web notifications to reach customers and anonymous users on mobile and desktop devices - even after they have left your website!
Always Free CRM included!

SALESmanago #1 in Marketing Automation. 10 000 customers worldwide.

Supported Browsers

Create your email templates like a Pro

Convert anonymous traffic
into customers.

Web push notifications don’t require any personal details such as an email address to be sent. Use this convenient, fast way to drive traffic to your website and increase sales.

Treat your subscribers like you will wish to be treated

Get real results
in 5 minutes or less!

5 minutes is all you need to start growing your business with web push notifications. Just write a few lines of copy, add an icon - et voilà - you’ve created your first web push notification.

Have you heard of the Three Blind Mice

Real-Time Tracking.

Know exactly when people view and click your notifications, all in real time. Discover trends and optimize your campaigns.

Treat your subscribers like you will wish to be treated

Engage your customers
in the mobile channel.

62% of smartphone users have made an online purchase via a mobile device. Leverage this potential and send web push notifications directly to your prospects' smartphones without spending your budget on apps.

Have you heard of the Three Blind Mice

One picture is worth
a thousand words.

Rich Web Push notifications allow you to add a picture in place of copy. Use them well to improve your engagement strategy.

*Rich Web Push Notifications are available only for Chrome 55 and above.

That's not all!

Priority information? Deliver it instantly.

Use web push notifications to get in touch with your customers in real time.

Pass through ad blockers as if they weren't there.

Communicate with your website visitors even if they have an ad blocker in place.

Too good to be true?
See the numbers.

The average CTR for web push notifications is 10 times better than run-of-the-mill email campaigns!



Send as many web push notifications as you wish without any additional cost.

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